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Why Ez Waste
Fact: Around 20% of the total weight brought into your kitchen leaves again as rubbish.

Fact: Most kitchens are not equipped to efficiently handle all this rubbish.

Some of the most common frustrations when throwing rubbish away:

1. A bin opening that is too small to throw away large items such as cereal boxes.
2. Having to separate rubbish due to a unit that is unsuitable for rubbish such as bones, cans or cartons.
3. When using your rubbish bin you need at least one hand to open the lid or door, interrupting and complicating the process.
4. A bin that is too small to fill the refuse bag to capacity.
5. A free-standing bin that often gets in your way or is unsightly.
6. A built in unit that takes up an entire cupboard with only a portion of the available space being utilised.
7. An inner bin in a built-in unit that is too short or too narrow, resulting in spills in the cupboard.
8. A unit that is difficult to clean with crevices where dirt accumulates.
9. Having to walk from your preparation area to throw rubbish away. If you can identify with any of these, take a closer look at EZWaste.