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South African Home Owner Vol 13.2 March/April 2002
What's out there in the marketplace, p134
Waste not, Want not

EZWaste is a revolutionary product, designed to make waste disposal in the kitchen convenient and hassle-free.

With exceptional product design, the EZWaste's overlapping trap doors open with a foot pedal, preventing spillage with hands-free operation and closing automatically to keep odours at bay.

The brushed stainless steel finish complements any kitchen setting. This quality unit comes with a three year comprehensive guarantee, being safe, hygienic and easy to install in new and existing kitchens.

The EZWaste, with a 77 litre bin capacity, improves space utilisation by integrating disposal and food preparation spaces.

Beautiful Kitchens and Appliances Autumn 2002
Waste Handling p120
Finally, the stylish solution to handling waste in your kitchen

Despite the fact that more than 20% of the total weight brought into the kitchen leaves again as rubbish, the handling of waste is mostly an afterthought in kitchen design. It is not uncommon to see very expensive kitchens with beautiful granite tops, where the rubbish goes into grimy little dustbins around the corner in the scullery.

Various waste disposal products are available in the market, but they all suffer from one or more of the following limitations:

1. An opening that is too small to throw away large items such as cereal boxes.
2. A unit that is not suitable for different kinds of rubbish, such as bones or cans.
3. In using the bin at least one hand is required to open the lid or door, interrupting and complicating the discarding process.
4. A receptacle that is not large enough to enable the filling of refuse bags to capacity.
5. Free standing bins that often get in the way.
6. Built in units that take up an entire cupboard with only a portion of the available space being utilised.
7. Inner bins in built in units that are too short or too narrow, resulting in spillage in the cupboard.
8. Units are difficult to clean and have crevices where dirt accumulates.

EZWaste has been designed to overcome all of these limitations and is the latest and most revolutionary kitchen appliance to reach the South African market in a long time. EZWaste's focus is on the preparation of food that usually results in the generation of rubbish. Preparation includes activities such as peeling and cleaning of fruit and vegetables, deboning meat, getting rid of excess fat or skin, emptying containers such as cans or packets, cracking eggs and so on. EZWaste enables the disposal of rubbish to become an integral part of preparation rather than a separate activity.

EZWaste, with its integrated chopping board forms the focal point of the preparation area in the kitchen. Ideally it is flanked by the prep bowl and vegetable rack. This provides sufficient space to arrange the items used for preparation within easy reach, minimising moving about in the kitchen. EZWaste's large opening with its trapdoors is directly behind the chopping board and unwanted items are either pushed onto the trap doors from the chopping board, or placed there as containers are emptied. Disposing of these items is achieved by depressing the foot pedal, opening the trap doors with the rubbish falling into the large 77 litre polyethylene bin. Releasing the pedal results in the gentle but firm closing of the trap doors. The beauty of EZWaste is that you literally use your foot as a third hand to get rid of rubbish without interrupting the preparation process.

EZWaste is a welcome addition to any kitchen. Its brushed stainless steel finish complements most modern appliances and the demarcation of a practical preparation area economises movement and space utilisation. EZWaste is sold fully installed with a comprehensive three-year guarantee and is installed into a standard 450mm cupboard. This product is long overdue and every well-designed kitchen should have one.