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Installing EZ Waste in New kitchens
Any new kitchen will be enhanched by an EZWaste.

Request your architect or kitchen designer to demarcate a preparation area that has an easy flow to the cooking area.

Your EZWaste must be at the centre of the preparation area, ideally flanked by a vegetable rack and a prep bowl. It is important to ensure sufficient working space around the EZWaste to arrange items to be used for preparation.

Depending on which unit you select, the requirement for an EZWaste ranges from a 300mm up to a 600mm wide kitchen cupboard at least 530mm deep.

If your kitchen manufacturer is not an EZWaste supplier, let them install the 450mm cupboard where the EZWaste is to be installed. Order your EZWaste direct, and have it installed. All our products come with complete, easy to understand installation instructions.