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QSR 135 Liter Bin Unit
QSR Jumbo Bin Units

The traditional in-store waste bins used in QSR restaurants is a source of dissatisfaction and annoyance to most customers. The EZWaste QSR unit was developed to offer an alternative to this unhappiness and to change the final interaction with the restaurant from a frustrating unhygienic exercise to an easy one-handed operation.

The first version of patented EZWaste QSR bins has been used by KFC in Southern Africa and the Middle East since 1995 and more than 1,500 units are currently in operation. The EZWaste QSR unit was awarded a Design Award by the Design Institute of South Africa in 2006 and was successfully evaluated in early 2007 by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) to official EU standards (BS EN 12574-1, 2 & 3) for durability and safety. EZWaste has been working closely with YUM management in Johannesburg and Dubai to identify areas of improvement and are currently launching the fourth version of the units. (YUM Restaurants International is the owner of the KFC franchise).

Version 2 of the QSR unit was introduced early 2009 and it was posted as “Waste receptacles - best practice” on Yumnet. Version 2 improvements were mainly a larger opening to accommodate super size packaging, a larger inner bin, easier installation of built-in units and complete stainless steel cabinets for better hygiene, improved durability and easier maintenance. Towards the end of 2009 a Sub Saharan QSR group, Innscor, started to use the EZWaste QSR units in their restaurants and have opted for a Compact unit that uses the smaller original inner bins.

Version 3 was launched mid 2010, where tray catchers and a bin-full indicator were introduced. Benefits of the tray catcher system are that it prevents the loss of trays when positioned incorrectly, as well as providing a less cluttered top, thereby enabling easier cleaning. The bin full indicator improves productivity and efficiency in that cleaning staff do not have to check the bins all the time.

Version 4 is being launched at the end of July 2011. Version 4 is the first QSR waste bin to offer the sorting of QSR in-store waste, and has the option to include a 25liter fluids tank.

Cabinet options are Freestanding, Built-in Front opening and Built-in Rear opening.

After an extensive Supplier Testing, Development and Approval Agreement with YUM in respect of the USA KFC market, approval was granted early 2010 for the EZWaste QSR unit “to be sold into the franchise system through the UFPC with an approved status”. EZWaste entered into a licensing agreement with Franke Foodservice Systems late 201 to manufacture and distribute the EZWaste QSR to the USA market.