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Domestic Products
If your kitchen is not yet equipped with an EZWaste, you are most probably spending unnecessary time and effort to get rid of waste. It is not too late - EZWaste is easily installed into new as well as existing kitchens!

Functional kitchen design starts with a designated preparation area comprising the vegetable rack, prep-bowl and the integrated EZWaste preparation system as the focal point. With this configuration, walking around with rubbish in the kitchen is something of the past. Discarding rubbish with the innovative EZWaste preparation system is no longer a separate activity, but becomes an effortless by-product of the food preparation process to enhance efficiency.

Believe it or not, EZWaste actually makes food preparation enjoyable!

Why should I consider an EZWaste?

EZWaste has a range of products to for every budget and every need. Whether you just require a simple countertop bin, the handsfree countertop pedal bin, or the new eco friendly EZSlide bin unit.

To purchase an Ezwaste contact one of our dealers. If you do not come right, contact us and we will point you in the right direction.

Econolid Counter Top
D1-Flush Pedal System
EZ Slide